INVALID Student Sewing Lessons For Children


Does your child have a distinct clothing style, does your child spend hours turning in front of the mirror, does your child transform old clothes into new designs? Or does your child just want to be creative? ​

Register your child for our sewing lessons for children!

Every month the designers complete a special piece of work and every year they show the results during the Fashion club fashion show.


What does your species learn?

- Create mood boards

- Sketch

- Drawing patterns

- Pin and String

- Sewing by hand

- Sewing with the sewing machine

Start date: February 2nd 2022

Wednesday: 13:00 - 14:30.

Duration: 1 x sewing lesson a week and 1.5 hours


PRICE: €50,- per month

Also includes a goodiebag with beginners sewing materials.