Besides our own label and teaching sewing classes, we also design and produce for other companies.

We enter into partnerships with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and are happy to take care of your corporate clothing, suits or interior.

In addition to designing and producing, we also like to collaborate with other designers.


The Hospitaalbroeders X INVALID

We are proud that we were asked to collaborate with the Hospitaalbroeders for a project in Malawi, Africa.


As most countries in Africa, Malawi has a big problem of consumer plastic waste, which is lying down the streets. The idea is to find a way to recycle and reuse this surplus of plastic waste and simultaneously generate employment for the local people of Malawi. The product will be sold in Holland on festivals and the earnings will be returned to the local community.


During our study of the Malawian Culture we discovered an other problem that Malawi faces, it has a textile and clothing industry that significantly contributed to the export sector back in the days but is going through difficult times now.



With our design we also made a proposal to implement the reuse of fabric leftovers in order to support the local tailors and revive their profession.


The concept of the  -Open Air Backpack-  was inspired by the ‘Chitenje’ a multifunctional African object and ‘relaxing’ at festivals in Holland.


The multifunctional backpack is nicely proportioned and it is easy to use, the inside of the back is padded with ‘reused’ fabric to give it a more comfortable feel when lying or sitting on it. It has several compartments to put your things in it. When it is unfolded you can use it as a picnic mat and enjoy the company with your loved ones.


Not only did we do the design of the open air backpack, but we also explain step by step how to manufacture it.



Production by INVALID Atelier


Containr Affairs X INVALID

Jack Daniels Honey Serving Belts


The Jack Daniels Honey Serving Belt is handmade and made out of 100% real leather. 


The belt has a Jack Daniels bottle holder with two cup holders.

It is specially made with hard leather with a good quality. 


This leather belt is for around your middle and it provides alcohol and cups, very good for serving at festivals.


Production by INVALID Atelier


Sheryl Leysner X INVALID

This was the first time working together with a interior designer to make furniture piece. 

Interior design isn't our specialty but we made it work, textile is our specialty.

The denim is hand sewn and shaped on to the lamp. 

designed by Sheryl Leysner 

Production by INVALID Atelier


Pandayzed X INVALID


We created with INVALID Atelier 5 unique denim aprons for restaurants and/or catering establishments. These unique aprons are based on classic denim workers, in which all classic finishes have been designed with a new look. 

The leather finished suspenders can be worn crosswise or straight which constributes in the nostalgic effect. 

-Angelique Panday-

Production by INVALID Atelier

Classical Ballet Jacqueline Bongers X INVALID

Applause for these beautiful dancers of Ballet school Jacqueline Bongers.

The costumes are handmade with care and the design is simply elegant and suptile. 


The inspiration of these dresses is movement, they can move freely in their dresses and it flows with their moves.

With every move they make it gives their dresses more life.


Costumes designed, made and produced by INVALID Atelier

Ballet meisjes 1.jpg
Ballet meisjes 2.jpg
Ballet meisjes 3.jpg