Fashiondesign & Fashiontechnique Course 


This workshop is especially for people who want to work with clothing both creatively and technically. If you want to develop your own ideas or if you have been working around with them for some time, then this workshop is very suitable.


By means of a mood board you will be inspired in different styles. We pay attention to shape, material and color theory. After this, it is time to lay down the inspiration on drawings, also known as illustrations.


When the design is finished we start with the technical part, pattern drawing. The clothes are thus recorded in 2D. During this part you learn to accurately record measurements and then calculate and translate them into a accurate drawing.


When the pattern is finished, a test model is stitched. This is the first step in the sewing technique. For this a fabric is used that corresponds to the final fabric in terms of thickness, drop and stiffness.


Does the trial model connect? Then it is time to start with concept development. This is the phase in which the design is worked out in the right fabric.


Startdate and time: Monday 10th and Saturday 15th of May 2021 

(moved to this new date due to the corona measures)    


Monday:   09:30 - 13:30 PM 

Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00 AM


PRICE:  € 395 (incl. VAT)  Payment in 1 or 2 terms is possible. 



Duration: 12 lessons. Per lesson 4 hours.

Minimal 4 and maximal 6 attendees per lesson. Of course we will provide you with a nice cup of tea / coffee.

Influx during a sewing course is possible if it is not full. Timely registration is therefore important FULL = FULL


Private lesson: Would you prefer private lessons or advice on tailor-made courses? Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.



For more information or about registration send an email to: or call 06 - 41 31 71 84.



You can always come without obligation, to take a look in our studio.



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